Meet Vicky. . .

A girl with a dream to TRANSFORM individuals and organisations from LIMITED to LIMITLESS !

My name is Vicky Bouranis, the creator and writer here. I have been actively seeking personal growth and a deeper meaning in life since I was a teenager. Knowing deep within that life is more than just checking a box and living by the rules and processes that society governs (or aims to) how we should think, act and feel. For many this becomes 'normal' or 'that's life'. But is it?

Life is a process and one of frequent change and transformation. We never know what is around the corner... much like the visual we see on the heart rate monitor. Life will go up and down, side to side, back to front, top to bottom (you get the picture) BUT ... the ticket is in HOW we choose to 'MANAGE' each phase of our life. Through my personal journey, I have endured a number of events and circumstances where I tested the connection between my mind and body. Each time I delved deep, I found this remarkable ability to awaken, process, heal and transform from within. Leading me to the next wonderful discovery of my life.

For over 26 years, I lived in a parallel universe... By day a successful corporate project manager for large organisations. By night, an inspirational practitioner of alternative modalities, teacher of neurological change and mindfulness meditation. Since 2013 my worlds JOINED forces! Taking the plunge to permanently live my passion and transform individuals and organisations into a space of WELLNESS is a dream come true!

How did I get here?

Having studied a number of alternative modalities, mindfulness, metaphysics, emotional intelligence... I felt there was still more to discover. In 2011 I found myself attending a workshop by internationally renowned Neuroscientist, Writer, Best selling Author ... Dr Joe Dispenza. Within a matter of minutes. Dr Joe had my UNDIVIDED attention for the entire weekend. I felt myself hanging on every word. The connection between science and spirit was for me the missing link that had now been fulfilled ! He imparted a wealth of information, knowledge and the formula on how to shift from a linear way of life to one of limitless potential. A Life changing workshop to say the least.

At the end of the workshop, Dr Joe shared that he was searching for applicants to be certified as a NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) Consultants to deliver his corporate change program based on his best seller, "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself". I wrote this in CAPITAL LETTERS in my notebook and followed up with his team. After an extensive 5 step application process, 200 applicants from around the world, I was one of 12 chosen and the only Australian for this round of training in July 2012. From this moment I knew that I was to step deeper into a world of change for organisations and individuals. Life was not going to be the same.

One of my greatest passions is to support conscious business development and change individuals and organisations through the flawless worlds of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness meditation. Facilitating how the brain works and how this new mastery of the mind can transform individuals by opening new pathways to mindfulness and wellness impacting the culture of an organisation.

Today .... I am actively connecting with people in organisations and on a personal level to inspire them to embody this way of life. A formula that is consciously altering the state of organisations and individuals..... for the better ! It is a flawless formula that allows people to flourish from the inside out. Living life on PURPOSE!

I look forward to connecting with those who are ready to shift from a state of pain, suffering and survival to one of inspiration and creation.


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