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Facilitated both in person and virtual at the frequency of your choice covering themes and topics that are relevant to the business as well as adding how you can create through the art of stillness.

2. MINDFULNESS WORKSHOP: "Change Your Mind. Create Results"

Based on Vicky’s Neuro Change Solutions Certification, Vicky is equipped to facilitate Dr Joe Dispenza’s corporate version of his NY Bestseller: "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”

Mindfulness Meditation sessions are a great forum to teach participants the tools to integrate a few simple tools to integrate into their day-to day to relax and consciously reduce stress using practical meditation techniques. Vicky’s meditation solutions are flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation and individuals.

Vicky has structured mindfulness meditation sessions based on short, medium and long term frequencies all of which are tailored to business needs and budget.

Sessions can be facilitated both in person and via virtual means.

Vicky is one of 20 certified Neuro Change Solutions Consultant equipped to deliver
Dr Joe Dispenza’s corporate model based on his NY Bestseller "Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself.”

This program is complimentary to the mindfulness meditation sessions that Vicky facilitates. This workshop is designed to impart the flawless knowledge, understanding and formula of how the brain creates change from the inside out. Using neuroplasticity, neuroscience and mindfulness meditation to teach the sustainable method of creating change from the inside out The program is designed to engage and involve the participants through various teaching modalities:

This program is delivered as an 8 hour workshop which can be devised over two 4 hour sessions if preferred and based on the requirements led by Dr Joe Dispenza.

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