The 3 STEP formula that will TRANSFORM an:
  • Individual
  • Team
  • Organisation
  • Community

Your brain governs what you do and how you do it. If you only use 9% of your brains capacity ... could you imagine what you could CREATE if you were to use more? This is what you can expect to achieve through the art of meditation. There are now a vast number of studies that have taken places that tell us how MEDITATION has the power to change your mind, change your life.

The ability to awaken untapped areas of your brain will literally give you and your organisation a new lease on life. Teaching people how to rest their brain for 10 minutes per day will eliminate stress, brain clutter ... in exchange for a calmer mindset and increase in productivity. It's that CLEAR!

Vicky is a passionate meditation teacher, trainer, facilitator who has dedicated her life to teach people how to harness the power and fundamental energy of the mind to invite positive outcomes and CREATE BALANCE.

Vicky facilitates lasting change to organisations and individuals in a corporate setting, weekly group meditation classes held in Melbourne and one on one coaching for those seeking to expand their horizons to the next wonderful phase of their life.

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